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My Orphan foal: Meet Oliver (Then, 2004)

Orphan Oliver 7/20/10

RIP Baby Boy, 8/11/10

From the first day I saw my reflection in his eyes as a newly orphaned foal, I saw this again 4 hours before he passed...... life had come full circle.
I do not know why he had to leave my life so soon, but I must be grateful for every day God gave me with him.
Once in a life time happens every day & every moment, so cherish them.

my baby boy....





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I have had the Friesian fever for about 17 years now and I hear there is still just one cure… buy one!  I read & still hear a lot about many first time sightings of Friesians Horses. The one thing that I hear over and over is the sheer presence that a Friesian horse exudes, and what a spellbinding experience it is. Over the years I have owned other breeds of horses, and I still have my old trustworthy Morgan / Arab cross.  He stuck it out with me for  over 19 years!  As a cross, each breed contributes their own unique traits. My Morgan Arab cross is an outstanding endurance horse with loads of personality.  We have covered hundreds of miles in the mountains & at the beach.

For decades, both giant organizations & back yard breeding farms have tried to create the ultimate horse by cross breeding in desirable characteristics. Whether some people cross breed to create a triumphant dressage horse or the next best endurance horse, many wonderful breeds have emerged over the years.   I was very pleased with the wonderful write up in the Horse of Kings magazine, issue 2, 2004.  The author, Diane Korby, shines the light on many considerable new successful cross breeds like, the Warlander who is a cross between a Friesian and Andalusian.  The Haute Cheval is another nice Friesian cross with a Lipizzan.  Other magnificent breeds such as the Aztec, Hispano- Arabe, Iberian Warmblood, and Spanish- Norman are great examples of what careful planning & research can produce.  About 10 years ago I received dozens of emails and phone calls from people asking where to find a Friesian cross, or where they may be able to successfully sell on.    Frequently, I hear from people who have had no luck trying to sell their Friesian cross on big all inclusive web sites with every breed around.  We hope this site will assist in giving attention, respect and consideration when someone wants to buy or sell the Friesian cross.  


When I first started out 

15 years ago, I recall several attempts to find information on Friesians. One encounter was so negative it inspired my passion to be where I am today.  I had met a person who assumed that because I did not have $30,000.00 in my back pocket, I was not worth spending the time with.  I am certainly not independently wealthy, but I had a dream that was worth heaven and earth to me!

I absolutely love spending time with people talking “Friesian.”  In my barn, I have a sticker that says… “Ask me about my horses,  Have you got all day!”  No matter whether we are talking about a FPS Model Friesian mare or, a ½ Arab, ¼ Friesian, and ¼ Heinz 57, I am interested in what you have to say.

In the autumn of 1997 my Dreams became reality after meeting some very nice people in Sisters OR.  I was so nervous the first time I met them I thought I was going to be ill.  Shortly after introductions, I met what would become my first Friesian.  I remember getting goose bumps on a day that was pushing 90 degrees.  It is tough for me to describe what a special relationship I have with my first mare, Tesseke, My first Dream Friesian! Now in 2009 I have Imported, owned, and bred Friesians and can not imagine my life with out them. 



I took one of my Friesian mares to the North West Equine Expo. (10 years ago now!) For someone who does not show horses for a living, this was the icing on the cake for me,  I had achieved a goal formed when I saw my first Friesian in a show years before. After the Friesian presentation everyone crowded around to get a closer look at the “black horse”, as he was referred to.  I couldn’t quite get a glimpse at him through all the people and chaos. Driving home that day, I could not stop thinking about that horse. That day and for years to follow I could not stop thinking of what it must have been like to have a horse so exquisite and rare.

On March 20th 2004, I had to pinch myself as I walked my mare down the aisle way to ride in the main arena in front of more than five hundred people. With my eyes glassed over with tears of joy, I looked back at my mare.  There stood a 16.3 hand mare with over 3-1/2 feet of mane and feathers so long you could not see her hoofs.  I was living my dream that moment. Myself, along with 6 other Friesian owners, showcased this magnificent versatile Friesian breed.  That is living proof why people should never give up on dreams!!!


I talk to more and more people looking to find a Friesian or a special type of Friesian cross.  Early on, I was offended to think of cross breeding a horse that was cross bred in North America to extinction once already.  The evidence that Friesians are not going away soon is showing up at many shows, expos, big farms, and back yards all around the US.  The Friesian breed is nearly doubling in quantity every year. The Royal Society ‘Het Fisch Paarden-Stamboek’ (FPS) is the soul authority of the pure Friesian Horse. This society was founded in 1879, and is respected by many.  The rules and regulations of the FPS are steep requirements for a reason! They protect the true & pure heritage of the Friesian horse.   Even if you are someone looking to buy a cross, you should educate yourself with the FPS.  Sometimes it is frustrating to see some non-registered Friesian Stallions advertised as “Top Premium Friesian Stallion”.  Buyer beware!!!!!!  These stallions are sometimes not even registered! They may be premium horses, but not a Friesian with a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd True premium by way of the FPS Dutch registry. If some people do not care, that is just fine. Many people are just looking for a Friesian cross and are more concerned with the breed of mare.  But, for the people that do not know better, you may get taken for a ride!  The natural movement and flowing gaits of the Friesian are part of their legacy.  The Premium that a Friesian receives from strict Dutch judging largely reflects movement. So, if you want to see some of that movement in your new Friesian cross foal or horse, papers become real important.   If you do some research on Friesians, you will see that the Friesian breed comes from just a few Registered Stallions in our not so distant past. 

  If you are dealing with a person who claims to have an FPS (FHANA / KFPS)  Friesian, just ask to see the papers.  The papers on an FPS Friesian will always include inbreeding, and display the premium and year that horse received when presented to the FPS judges, if they were judged.  Please see http://www.fhana.com  for many facts in detail about the FPS Friesians. The bottom line is, it is important to educate yourself. Many of the Friesian stallions that have been crossbreeding have some very impressive offspring. Ask the stallion owners to see some pictures of the offspring. Lots of them proudly have nice displays of the babies already up on web sites for you to see.

What Now??? 

When I help people find their dream horse, it is such an exciting & wonderful thing to be involved in. I want to thank all the people that have sent thank you letters and emails to me, you make my day! And yes, I will go ahead and make room to advertise some FPS and FPZV Registered pure Friesians. I believe people should love what they do for a living!!!!   I have been a rehab therapist for 18 years now, and not only do I LOVE it, I am passionate about it.   Horses will always be my passion as well. They make my heart  joyous & inspire me to do many things in life. This web site is a product of that passion. I know many people frown down on crossing the Friesians. Even though we will never be free from politics, this site is about the horses!  I am super excited to be able to reach so many people that share a profound love of horses like I do. Horses are truly a God given gift. If you listen and watch closely, they will teach you many life lessons. There is a quote by an anonymous writer that says, “There are times when you can trust a horse, times when you can’t, and times when you have to.”   Now that one makes me smile. 

I look forward to meeting you!


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